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Tata’s 1 lac car nano

The day before yesterday Tata launched World’s cheapest car in Delihi. Newspapers are still giving news related to the car. This car was dream of Ratan Tata since 10 years. He want to manufacture a “People’s car”; & he succeed in his dream. World’s cheapest car was “Maruti 800” now its position is captured by “Tata nano”.
Techical specification of car are engine 33 bhp; two cylinder petrol engine. Four gear manual transmission. Engine is at rear side. & luggage space at front side. The body of car is built of Alluminium. It has already passed all crash tests. It has also passed Pollution norms & is less pollution than 2 wheeler. Nano has 8% less volume than Maruti 800 but 21% more spacious than Maruti 800

This is revolutionary change made by Tata in field of Automobile. This car will launched in Diwali for commercial purpose. Tata will distribute this car to Rural area first. Because according to him India is not metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Pune. It is rest 75% of undeveloped region.

We are all waiting for this car.

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  1. lkjhgf says:

    BUt the rate is not just 1 lac . Including all taxes and other things it goes to around 1 lac 24 thousands but then too it is far more cheaper than other car.
    Me too waiting for it.

    The virtue lies in the struggle, not the prize.

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