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Pamela Anderson slams the paparazzi: asks them to keep out of her show

The Canada Born Actress Pameal Anderson Lee performed at the famous Crazy Horse club in Paris. The forty year old Pamela Anderson had requested the event organizers to follow a strict door policy. The official spokersperson of the event during a press release that Pamela Anderson had requested them to follow strict door policy.

Pamela Anderson performed four shows on the occasion of St. Valentine’s day dancing to the hit number “harley davidson”. Pamela Anderson requested the Club officials to follow strict policy so as to prevent the press, media persons and paparazzi from getting a sneak peak of her shows.

However, critics feel that this move by Pamela Anderson was to gain the attention of media persons. They felt that the very few people showed interest in the show by a forty year old. The Crazy Horse club had previously seen performances by Beyonce and other popular female artists.

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