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Apple’s MacBook Air in India: Thinnest laptop that could fit into a postal envelope

The MacBook air was the most talked and hyped about product at the MacWorld 2008 after its official release by Apple’s Chief Executive Officer Steve Jobs. Apple’s MacBook Air is the world’s thinnest notebook measuring just 0.76-inches at its thickest and 0.16 inches at its thinnest. It is so thin that it could fit into an envelope. In fact Steve Jobs took it out of an envelope during the official release to show to audience how thin the notebook was.
The MacBook air was launched in India during the second week of February 2008. The Macbook Air was first launched at MacWorld Expo held in San Francisco on January 15,2008. Macbook air is expected to take portability and wireless convenience into new standards. Steve Jobs said that the MacBook Air was designed especially for the Mac user on the move.
The Silver Matte colored notebook has a 13.3 inch LED backlit wide screen display. This info is for nature lovers: the MacBook Air is mercury free. It has 80 GB 1.8 inches hard disk and 2 GB RAM. It also has an in-built web cam and a track pad instead of a touch pad. On the flipside the MacBook air does not have Ethernet, media card reader, optical drive and expansion slots. Also there is only one USB port which is considered as a serious flaw by many as more and more devices are becoming USB compatible. Instead of the conventional optical drive the Macbook has a new software feature called Remote Disk. The MacBook air costs around Rs 96,100 and comes with a limited one year warranty.

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