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A much easier way to download Videos from YOUTUBE and any other site as the video is being played..also saves the download limit

Many of the internet users find it hard to download the videos from sites like youtube.com. Other methods of downloading from youtube.com and other sites require you to copy the url and paste the url in keepvid.com to get another link or download using the url in another software. forget about these problems. there is much easier way to download from you tube and other sites. Well in this blog i will solve your problems

there is very cool and efficient software called orbit downloader which downloads anything that loads into your browser Internet explore or firefox or any other web browser you use for viewing or browsing through internet. The orbit downloader no only downloads the videos that plays on the browser but also the images and other contents who wish to save to your hard disk. the users simply have to select what they want to download and the software does the rest and save the file to the user’s hard disk. the users can download mp4, video files, images infact they can download the entire page.

1. download and install “orbit downloader” software which is available free of cost. Just type orbit downloader in google to get the link to download

www.orbitdownloader.com/download.htm (or)
use this link
copy and paste this link to download orbit downloader

2. after installing just click the grab++ option
3. then the grabber window opens where the user can select images, video, audio files like mp3 that loads in the web browser
4. then click download
it can not get simpler than this.
this software also saves you the download limit. because it downloads the file as your browser is playing the video. so there is no two time download like other youtube downloader software. further it is a download accelerator too

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5 Responses

  1. nenedevudu says:

    Nice One….

    Good explanation.

    I will try this


  2. naveen says:

    No need to download anything. Real Player 11 has inbuilt mechanism to download the streaming videos on web. Whenever a streaming video is loaded into the browser, Real Player recognizes it and gives you an option to download it through Real Player Download Manager.

    More Information and Screenshots: http://www.naveen.info/2008/02/16/download-streaming-videos-with-real-player-11

  3. vinoth says:

    But real player does not accelerate the download whereas Orbit is grabber+download accelerator.


  4. nishunishaa says:

    hi…..thanks 4 sharing this info

  5. nishunishaa says:

    hi pls share ur vews…in my new posts..thanks and bye

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