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Tatkal Scheme Railway Journey

Tatkal Scheme Railway Journey

In the takal scheme journey ticket Indian railway have the option for boarding facility from intermediate station but they have not the option of passenger destination station. As per this rules Indian Railway they will issue Tatkal ticket only from originating to terminating point of the train.

Indian Railway rules for tatkal journey “The booking Tatkal scheme will be done only from originating to terminating point of the train with boarding facility from intermediate station. However, Zonal railways have been given the discretion of imposing restrictions on Tatkal booking regarding defining trains as end-to-end or keeping it free or imposing distance restriction etc. Keeping in view the over all utilization of the accommodation available in the train”.

In case I, I want to use this facility from Vadodara to Delhi in Rajdhani Express, then I need to buy tatkal ticket from Mumbai to New Delhi with boarding facility from Vadodara.

In case II, when I want to come back from Delhi to Vadodara in same train, then I need to buy the tatkal ticket from New Delhi to Vadodara and boarding will be New Delhi but there a nothing options in my ticket or in chart for my destination station, and as per journey ticket I am still continue in journey after Vadodara.

In this situation, they cannot issue this seat to another passenger from Vadodara onwards and for any dispute I will be responsible, because as per record I am still continue in journey.

Now the question arrives, why destination point should not be compulsory in ticket?

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2 Responses

  1. Service_to_all says:


    Since tatkal rule states that one has to pay for the full journey, that is the originating point to the destination point of the train, even legally the boarding point has no significance. One has the right to board the train from any point as the full journey charge has been paid.

    Iam not sure why nobody is questioning this.

    On the point of disputes arising out of non recording of intermediate station dis-embarking, the railways will have no answers when it comes to compensations on account of accidents or tracing criminals for offenses committed in transit.


  2. veerugcet says:


    This is fact and we all people visit in the same situtaion but never ask for this from railway.


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