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Toll Plaza

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Just on last weekend i gone to Mumbai by Road from Surat (Gujarat).This is not the first time i travelled but One thing i found that we people are being cheated in many ways by the Governments and its associated company.Our Government do not make Roads on Highways than also they make huge Profits daily.On my journey till Mumbai,in nearly 4 hours there were total 5-10 Toll Plaza where they take Charges of using Highway from us.Normally they charge 25rs of CAR, 50rs For Truck.In a day there are Thousands of people passing from there.So just guess how much money they make in a single day?More than from what they made the whole Highway.Our Government give contract to some Company to make Highway and after these Company take money from us.And Half Amount goes to the Government because these Govenment only is giving them right to take money from us.Government should make an agreement to take these money till some months or years only.But our Government is only Greedy than what we can do?Nothing.They are just making LACS of Rupees in a day from we people.And another thing i marked that On one Toll Plaza,though they have taken charge from us,Just some metres ago the road was somewhat crashed.Now they are taking money also and not making Roads.But Our Government is doing Nothing.Just Getting Rich with these Companies.


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  1. Service_to_all says:

    This is called Build, Operate and Transfer. The company which invests in building the road, operates for some time until the make their profit, after which it is handed over to the govt. This is because unlike most contracts, the builders are not paid any money by the govt. The entire expenditure of building the project is by the Contracted company.


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