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Some Useful Info One Must Read

1) In the whole world nearly 50 lacs people suffer from HIV Positive (Aids).
2) India is the second country after South Africa to have more HIV Aids persons suffering.
3) Daily 17000 new persons are suffering from HIV Aids.
4) Nearly 16 lacs children below 15 years in the whole world are suffering from Aids.
5) In the year 2005, nearly 30 lacs persons died in the whole world due to Aids.
6) 80,000 children died due to Aids in the year 2005 due to Aids.
7) In India, there are nearly 60 lacs persons suffering from Aids.And from that 20 lacs are women.
8) In the states of India like Pondicherry, Maharashtrai, Gujarat, Etc due to Unwanted sexual relations, Aids is growing continuously.
9) In Gujarat, After Ahmedabad, Surat is the second city in having more Aids Persons.

And Aids is not spread through persons.
We should not avoid persons suffering from Aids. They are normal persons only like us.
Because Aids suffering persons are thrown out of society, they suicide,which is very bad for other persons.
So take a promise now to STOP AIDS.

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