Hrithik With Ambani Helicopter By Uwon

Hi everybody,Some of my daily visiters of my blog must got bored as last few of my posts were on Science i.e Coming World,Global Warming etc.So i thought to give u some Movie Masala to take a Chill Pill.

From two Ambani Brothers i.e Anil and Mukesh Ambani one brother is the owner of IPL mumbai Team.I forgot who is the owner from two.
So to make a publicity of Mumbai IPL Team Ambani brothers decided to sign HRITHIK ROSHAN as very few days are left for it.But Hrithik Roshan is nowdays suffering from a Knee Injury so he ignored the request of Ambani.But Ambani told that he will arrange for all Coming and Going expense of him till he finish the shooting of IPL publicity.So Ambani brother sends his private helicopter for Hrithik everyday in evening at about 5pm and Hrithik goes in this Helicopter.He do shooting till late night and comes back in this Helicopter only.
Wow yaar what a life all this people are living.


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  1. madhu_vamsi says:

    Hey uwon, The demand for Hrithik is like that and it is Mukesh Ambani who is Director or Ceo of IPL Mumbai. Cricket has become a big money game these days. Ambani has lot of money in his bag and soon he will get returns from IPL matches. So, finally the people who watch game will get nothing but big current bill or a headache if his favourite team lose the game…

    Madhu Vamsi….

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