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Halla Bol

Halla Bol—Ajay Devgan, Vidhya Balan, Pankaj Kapoor.
I have seen this movie.Its a very nice and Good Movie.We have to learn something from this movie.First after starting movie was some boring but after it was very good.In this movie Rajkumar Santoshi shown that Bollywood Actors and all famous persons are not braveful as they are shown in the movies.See the movie once.He tried to shown us to fight with the truth,Though world is not with us.But if we fight than World is ours.Pankaj Kapoor has done a superb role.Vidhya Balan was also good.In this movie it is also shown that POWER,PUBLIC AND PAISA (Money) is not everything.If a person is right on his way than he will Win.Another Thing is shown that Because Very Rich People,Some Middle Person cant able to fight against the truth.
In short See the Movie Once.


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