Future World–2 By Uwon

As everybody know that i have started talking about Future World.In my Future World–1 i have told u how will be our next coming world and its people,how they will live and what will be the atmosphere.

Now i will tell what will happen after that.As everybody know “After every sad moment,there is a happy day coming”.As Future World people will be living in a bad condition as told by Mahavir Swami when he was alive,there will be very hot and cold and also very rain,no one will be live properly.In that Era forest did not exist.So God will decide to do something new.There will be a rain of 7 types.Each type of rain brings new thing.These 7 types of rain will help in developing Soil for Trees.Another type of rain will be helpful in Lakes and River.7 types of rain bring 7 different things.I forgot the exact of other types of rain,so not telling u.

So in this way after a Bad condition of people due to global warming created by people of nowdays,people of coming Era will suffered.
But after that Happy Days will come and Everything will be alright.This is what told by Mahavir Swami and other Saints in their Era.


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  1. madhu_vamsi says:

    Who is this Mahavir Swami??? What a story is that man. I am not sure that the future world will be like the one ur swami is saying.

    Madhu Vamsi….

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