Future World–1 By Uwon

Hey everybody just today i came to know what will be our Future World after this world will Destroy.All knows that Global warming is increasing day by day and due to this Snow is melting which was there unmovable since years i m talking about Antarctica and other places.
U know what famous Saint Mahavir Swami told at that time when he was there that after this world will destroy,a new world will come into exist.In the Era there will be very hot.Sun’s rays will be very hot than now.So due to this rivers will go dry.Only two rivers Ganga and Sindhu will be flowing and all people will live near caves of this river.They will come out at night only.They will eat fish of that river.Whole day they will put that fish in the sun,so it will be ready to eat at night.All people will be very short in height.Tall as our hand only.And another fact is that their lives will be of 16-20 years.They will become old and die as soon as they come in teens.
Girl at the age of 6 can become pregnant in that Era and there will be no relation of Mother and Son.
It Era will come after 18,000 years from now.Mahavir Swami told this.But from present condition it seems that this Era will come in next 18 years only.

Will be back in next post telling what will happen after that.

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2 Responses

  1. MOKSHA says:

    you have pointed out right…we will soon parish..it seems after 18 years…..but I hope people understand & try to doing things to conserve nature.

  2. kiranshubha says:

    Global Warming has become a greatest threat to the mankind & we must all join hands in making our future safer & free from global warming. It’s time we act serious.

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