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Classification of women’s work 3

Classification of women’s work

Whether the woman works in a poor, subsistence economy or whether she works in a modern household in an industrialized economy, both women have three things in common in their respective working lives

Women and Work 0

Women and Work

In recent year, status of women in society has been a point of concern throughout the globe, particularly in developing country like India.

You will never find time for anything 0

You will never find time for anything

You will never find time for anything. If you want time, you must make it.
How far this is true? I am sure every one must have experience about it. Most of the people (we must include our self also in the list) if you ask them if they can accompany them or join for any program, the first answer you will get is “my dear I would have accompanied you but what to say I have no time today”. But is it really true about what we say or answer to the peoples request.

Work is worship 1

Work is worship

Sakaram worked as a peon in an office for over thirty years. He was a office for over thirty years. He was a sincere worker and an honest person, especially with money.

However, Sakaram had many personal problems which brought about his addiction to drinks chewing tobacco. Although he had a negative leave balance and a track record for being drunk on duty sometimes, he was in employment because of his good work. He also enjoyed the favor of many of his colleagues.

Internet is a New Business 0

Internet is a New Business

Internet is Said to be new business doing place.Nowdays Internet has developed so much that we can earn also from jusy doing some work at home.And Internet is developing very much day by day.If we do True and Good work than we can earn much income from our Computer.But there are many fake sites from where we will earn nothing by doing any work.From our Computer with Internet connection we can do our Shares Investment also.So there are many advantages of Internet now in doing business.Internet is said to be the New Business working Place.

Little Hope to Move forward 1

Little Hope to Move forward

Why do people changes the blogs or the site they works on? Seen many people, who are working on Internet join one program and then leave it? Why and what is the main reason for it? Do you know the exact reason for such changes?

Rules to keep your office desk clean 0

Rules to keep your office desk clean

3 Simple Rules to keep your office desk clean

Say NO to unnecessary papers:

Yes, it is hard to resist the ugly free crap at conferences and internal office events, but avoid taking them just because they’re free. This includes all those cheap pens, stickers, free magazines, brochures, postcards, and anything else that will likely end up littered on your desk. If you need a reminder of a particular vendor, take your PDA or notebook with you and write the company’s name and URL down.