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Classification of women’s work 3

Classification of women’s work

Whether the woman works in a poor, subsistence economy or whether she works in a modern household in an industrialized economy, both women have three things in common in their respective working lives

Women and Work 0

Women and Work

In recent year, status of women in society has been a point of concern throughout the globe, particularly in developing country like India.

safety of women 0

safety of women

A bill has been proposed in Karnataka assembly that women should not work in night shifts after 8 p.m for security reasons. is it correct.

Here I am posting my views about this issue.

Women make better politicians….?? 2

Women make better politicians….??

HI Friends,
Although a very little percentage of women in India are actively into politics but whoever are there have got guts, a strong belief and an urge to do something for the country, be it Sonia Gandhi, Sushma Swaraj, Uma Bharti, Jaya lalitha, Mamta Banerjee, Mayavati, all have emerged as strong leaders , leave aside the controversies attached to one or two, do u feel that women in India should be more n more encouraged to be in politics ?
Do Women make better politicians ??

Want to see my view continue to read this post

freedom mean to women in our society? 0

freedom mean to women in our society?


There are certain levels of fears & freedom…
To women, men have definately more freedom to work,move etc.. .
I agree with concerns expressed by other members that women are not even getting these min kind of freedom.

But I think there freedom has definately more borader meaning.. If we cud grasp that then having freedom to work, move etc will be special cases of that large notion..