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A Virus with An Anti-Virus 1

A Virus with An Anti-Virus

The word virus is becoming very much common for the people who are sitting on the net. We all knew very well that one cannot predict when and how our computer will get infected from any virus what so ever it may.

Heartening news in HIV-AIDS 0

Heartening news in HIV-AIDS

The United Nations has corrected its figures and announced that some 33 million people worldwide are living with HIV-AIDS as opposed to the initial figure of 40 million. The revised figures from India has accounted for much of the decrease.

New HIV drug in international markets 0

New HIV drug in international markets

HIV-AIDS has been sweeping the world at a frightening pace. Research has also been trying to keep pace with this killer disease and newer drugs are entering the markets. The first new class of drug in more than 10 years has hit the markets in the US and UK.