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What blogging exactly means 4

What blogging exactly means

many of us were unaware of the fact what exactly a blog means.i joined blogging around a year ago and that time i was not even sure of the word meaning of it.

what valentines day mean to me 4

what valentines day mean to me

dear friends
valentines is a big event for all the the love birds thuogh out this universe.. the day when you are free to say happy valentines day to anyone to whom you even don’t know at all. the day when you put you dil ki baat to your loved one .

blogs reloaded 2

blogs reloaded

my blog got everything you want and need to know.by profession i am a physcian working in a govt hospital in delhi .. i’ve been into bloggin for quite some time now and i am happy to be part of eblog site..my motto of life is be famous without harming others and to live and let live others.
my current hobbies is to listen good music(language is never a barrier), internet blogging ,playing TT and other ..but i do not get much time for it due to busy schedule.