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Today’s thought 4

Today’s thought

Good morning,
Here I see some stars shining,
Though only for a while,
They have a sweet smile,
Good afternoon,
Will be back after lunch very soon,
Good evening,
The sun is now setting,

Dictionary of meaningful Life 2

Dictionary of meaningful Life

The dictionary of meaningful life will definitely be an abridged version of the oxford, the Webster or any other English dictionary that we know off. The reason is very simple. All the words, which convey ill will, bad deeds etc will be removed. The words, which reflect the good, in thoughts, deeds and words alone, will become part of this dictionary.

Delete words like hate, kill, fight, and such other troublesome words.
– Destroy, backstab, cunning, and the likes
– Keep increasing the number of such words for the purpose of deleting from this dictionary.

Hypocrisy, model concept for Indians 1

Hypocrisy, model concept for Indians

Recently I was asked a question – “who should be the role model for Indian people”?.

My reply was that only such a person can be the role model who is in a state of consistency relating to Manasa, vacha, karmana (thoughts, words, actions), who has synchronized these three aspects of human behaviour in his life, he who speaks exactly what he thinks and does only those things that he believes in should be our role model.
Our role model should not speak something that he does not believe in.
Our model should promise exactly what he can deliver.