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Technology or Mankind, who is SLAVE? 5

Technology or Mankind, who is SLAVE?

Technology is advancing as the lightning speed. As v all know that if one new technology has been invented for a particular advantage it brings with it lot more disadvantages.



Doll manufacturing companies have designed in recent past some amazing dolls which are replicas of human babies.

Slimest LAPTOP 3

Slimest LAPTOP

Apple computers, Chief Executive Steve Jobs unveiled the slimes laptop at a trade show yesterday. It is less than an inch, and unlike most laptops, it powers on on its own just as soon as the laptop is opened.

Its dimension is about 1.9 cms at its thickest point and the thinnest portion about .4 cm

The chief executive released the laptop from a manila envelope, much to the amusement of the audience gathered for the unveiling event.

It comes with an 80gb HDD, 33 cm Screen. It however does not have a CD/DVD drive.

technology 0


technology now a days outstanding especially in india.it is growing day by day and indian rupees gone up internationaly .technology has a made several new things like online shopping,bill payment,credit cards,egovernence etc.

techb trends- 2 0

techb trends- 2

it was all happening in the virtual world, online marriages, virtual sex, random meetings, you name it……….
the freinde requests swelled, adn how!!! all we do now is click on ‘accept’ or ‘deny’

every acceptance means one more person to respond too. and send scraps to. and wish ‘ happy world doughnut day’
and, of course, throw a sheep at!!!!!!!!!!! aargh……………………………………………………………

tech trends 0

tech trends

once , we all loved orkut profiles, they were everything that hi5 was not, they were tagged and soon enough face booked, social lives stepped up without us stepping out of home or office…

people hosted parties, celebrated birthdays , sent gifts, hugged and even drop kicked people – all online…
everyone was in touch with everone,a nd one’s wall or scrap book laid one’s life inside out.

this was social networking at its best , an average college goer rolled 200 deep – had over 200 listed freinds from across continents, all theories of limite group sizes flwe out the virtual window.a man from india can date a woman in germany so distance never ounts here !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!