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Taj Mahal a beauty and Taj Express a shame 1

Taj Mahal a beauty and Taj Express a shame

Taj Mahal is one of seven wonders of the world. Taj Express is a train which runs between Hazrat Nizamuddin and Jhansi passing through Agra on its way. Like every Indian, I feel proud about Taj Mahal and am quite emotional on this account. I feel hurt whenever I travel by Taj Express as it is one of dirtiest trains of Indian Railways. It is shameful that Taj Express uses the name of Taj Mahal.

Indian History…. 1

Indian History….

You might have come across email with pictures of tajmahal premise and someone called as Prof. Oak claiming it to have been built by an Indian King a long before Mughal era. I just could not stop myself from cluches of curiosity when I read the mail. So, I decided to research myself. And obviously, GOOGLE zindabad. I got to know a lot about this historian whom not many people know, who is actually beleived to be one of the greatest historian humanity had ever had. He contruibuted his lifetime for research on Indian ancient history.