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Trees and Ice 0

Trees and Ice

On January 12th we had a terrible ice storm here in Missouri. In our whole area, most trees were badly damaged from the ice. It’s very sad to take a drive and see all the broken limbs. Now and then you see a whole tree that came down.

In our yard we have three large shade trees and a very large pine tree that are severely damaged and have to be chopped down at a considerable expense. There are very large limbs all over the yard and our home suffered some damage as well.

We built our home in the early ’70’s. I planted all the trees. It breaks my heart to look outside and see this mess and know that we will soon be without so many trees. We will only have one large shade tree left. It will have to be pruned a lot because of all the jagged breaks.

The large pine tree was planted 33 years ago when my oldest son brought home a sappling from school on Arbor Day. I have spent a lot of time thinking about that occassion and all the times I’ve picked up pine cones and used them for crafts. I also used the pine needles to mulch a flower bed.

I have seen a number of bad ice storms in the many years that I have lived here but have never seen so much damage to trees. Our house can be repaired but nothing will ever replace these treasured old trees.

Snowbound 0


I really do like the looks of snow but it can cause a lot of problems when we have a large Winter storm such as the one we had a few days ago in the Midwest.

We received about two inches of ice followed by eleven inches of snow. It was beautiful! The trees glistened in the sunshine when the storm was over. Everything was covered with a thick blanket of white…..including our cars and our driveway.

My husband and I are senior citizens and he can’t shovel too much at a time so we still haven’t dug our way out. I’m afraid to walk on the ice and snow for fear of falling, because I had a bad fall several years ago. I did pull on my boots and walk a while this afternoon. I slid a few times but didn’t fall. I overcame my fear!

I guess being snowbound isn’t too bad as long as you have food in the house and electricity. We have plenty of food and only lost our electricity for about six hours during the night. Being snowbound feels almost like a vacation. When my children were young and school was closed due to snow, they had a vacation from studies and it feels the same to me now.

I never thought my first review would be about being snowbound. I suppose writing about my experiences is a review of sorts. You can be the judge of that!