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Success and Failures 0

Success and Failures

Life is a beautiful path, and to lead it the right way one has to plan, understand and execute, to achieve the objective or goal.

Failure is a stepping stone towards success 1

Failure is a stepping stone towards success

Facing failures…not to worry…may be it is due to lack of effort or knowledge that we have while accomplishing the goals. Every successful person has a failure and they have learned from each and every failure of their lives. They have taken each and every failure with grace and learned a lesson to accomplish the goals.

How to measure Success 0

How to measure Success

There are many ways to measure success; not the least of which is the way your child describes you when talking to a friend

success and failure 0

success and failure

Life consists of a series of work. The proper execution of a work or the realization of an aim is known as success and its opposite is failure. Then again there is a saying that failure is the pillar of success.
What does it actually mean? If we go on failing and failing how can we reap success? No the statement has a different import. Look at the lives of great people in every walk of life. It is certain that they haven’t become great overnight. Behind the story of every success lies a series of failures. The early works of many great writers have been severely criticized. But this has n’t dampened their spirit. In the face of highly discouraging criticisms they have continued their struggle and achieved success. This is applicable to all people.

Success 0


There are many knotty hurdles
In the route of achieving success

But try to subdue your rage
Via razing its excess

Be rapt in your struggle
And judicious in your fight

Thrash about and never be jaded
Until you get its result in light.