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Tonic for your soul 2

Tonic for your soul

Chicken Soup is book which also act like a Tonic for your soul. It work like a magic when you read it, you forget all your worries.

Separate Entities. 4

Separate Entities.

I cannot see your house from the one in which I’m staying. Until you experience Divine Happiness, you’re standing outside the house of God.

God and Soul and sufferings 4

God and Soul and sufferings

There are two main differences that stand out
1) God and Soul being separate although both divine.

No Smoking: An Unconventional Movie 0

No Smoking: An Unconventional Movie

A movie reviewer wrote that cinema is all about 3E’s: entertainment, education and enlightenment. But it neednt really be, right? Let’s talk about this movie No Smoking. This definitely wasn’t a movie I wanted to see despite being someone who really thinks John is a sensational actor. Right from his first movie, I was one of those movie buffs who strongly predicted that he has far to go because his potential was definitely unexploited. Through every movie, John chiseled his body of work but Anurag Kashyap’s No Smoking beats everything else. So let’s go to the heart of the story.