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What is progress? 3

What is progress?

Progress as most believe is the improvement in the standard of living and is more physical and obvious. Everyone strives to improve the standard of living, but at what cost?



In any given nation or province the demographic pattern should show more females, say 1010, for every 1000 male population. This is the law of the Nature. Afew of the reasons why females should out-number males are:
• Female fetuses (babies inside the womb) have more resilience than the male ones as evidenced by the fact that 70% of spontaneously aborted fetuses are males.
• Unlike the popular perception, young and old females are more resistant to diseases and live longer than males. Moreover, heart attacks are less common among females than their male counterparts.

Business Connects Society 2

Business Connects Society

It is true that without Society one will not able to do Business.Because Every Business is carried on in society for the interest of the people.Thought Business is done for profit,it is good for the society also in many ways.As Success of any Business increases the wealth and welfare of society.And Business Provides Employment by providing goods.In this way Business and Society is connected with each other and is both needs each in developing more and more.

Don’t politicians take bribe in England? 1

Don’t politicians take bribe in England?

British High Commissioner Richard Stagg appreciated Lead India initiative and advocated that politicians should be paid more. As per his views professionals would consider coming into public life if they are compensated better. He asked that if there is no money in politics, why should a youngster join it?

Very interesting observation, but are not politicians professionals and are all politicians old? Politics is a very rewarding profession and there are many youngsters in politics.

Anupam Kher quipped, “But they will make money in politics, won’t they?”