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Ban Cigarette Production 8

Ban Cigarette Production

Cigarette has become a bane on the lives of human beings. The addiction to it is growing in alarming proportions. After all human mind is very easily susceptible to influences.

Second-hand smoke in your lungs 2

Second-hand smoke in your lungs

Delhi has a law against smoking in public places but law enforcing authorities seldom do their job. Recently they took the first initiative and came out to enforce the law. See who was caught, a policeman from Haryana, a defense officer, a doctor and many students? The were challaned. They paid the fine. A newspaper clicked their photos and printed in today’s issue.

Side Effects of Smoking 0

Side Effects of Smoking

Smoking which worldwide rated as bad for health and one must be away from it. Smoking can prove very devastating to the skin. The nicotine in the tobacco decreases the circulation of the blood to the skin thus preventing the skin from imbibing oxygen and other important nutrients, which keep it going. This may cause premature wrinkles of the skin, since the smoke particles attract dust and dirt from the atmosphere which settle on the skin, clogging the pores which gives rise to pimples, boils and rashes.

Smoking cessation pill to be banned 0

Smoking cessation pill to be banned

Champix (Varenicline) from Pfizer, a drug that is claimed to help people quit smoking is currently under the scanner by the MHRA, the UK medicines’ watchdog. It has been claimed that Champix is causing suicidal tendencies in people using it. 839 adverse drug recations were reported and included depressive behavior, mainly in people with previous psychiatric disease.
Champix both stimulates and blocks the nicotinic receptors in the brain. By stimulating the receptors it reduces the cravings and by blocking the receptors it results in a weaker response to people who give in and light up a cigarette. 44% of the users give up smoking after taking Champix twice daily for 12 weeks.

No Smoking: An Unconventional Movie 0

No Smoking: An Unconventional Movie

A movie reviewer wrote that cinema is all about 3E’s: entertainment, education and enlightenment. But it neednt really be, right? Let’s talk about this movie No Smoking. This definitely wasn’t a movie I wanted to see despite being someone who really thinks John is a sensational actor. Right from his first movie, I was one of those movie buffs who strongly predicted that he has far to go because his potential was definitely unexploited. Through every movie, John chiseled his body of work but Anurag Kashyap’s No Smoking beats everything else. So let’s go to the heart of the story.