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U Smoke & Ur Company will cough 5

U Smoke & Ur Company will cough

Everyone know about the health hazards of the smoking as I have also given the details of it with the figures in my previous blogs. Cigarretes are literally the “Killers that travel in the pack”.

Hookah smoking – The new trend among the cosmopolitan elite 0

Hookah smoking – The new trend among the cosmopolitan elite

Hookahs were first used in the early 14th century in Northern Africa and gradually made their way all over the world. Hookah smoking has become the latest craze among the cosmopolitan elite. Several hookah bars have sprung up in many metros across the world. Many patrons claim that smoking a hookah is far better than cigarettes because the water tends to filter the harmful chemicals and smoke, experts beg to differ. Scientists point out that the hookah might filter out some irritants but the smoke still has high levels of Nicotine, carbon monoxide and other harmful chemicals. The bars are popular amongst the 18-24 year olds.

No Smoking: An Unconventional Movie 0

No Smoking: An Unconventional Movie

A movie reviewer wrote that cinema is all about 3E’s: entertainment, education and enlightenment. But it neednt really be, right? Let’s talk about this movie No Smoking. This definitely wasn’t a movie I wanted to see despite being someone who really thinks John is a sensational actor. Right from his first movie, I was one of those movie buffs who strongly predicted that he has far to go because his potential was definitely unexploited. Through every movie, John chiseled his body of work but Anurag Kashyap’s No Smoking beats everything else. So let’s go to the heart of the story.