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In a week approximately I write 4-5 articles for various websites & magazines . In order to break the monotony created by articles , I sketch . In other words for a change instead of creating some thing with letters I prefer creating something with lines , circles & other shapes. However unlike other great artists of world I am unable to draw with my imagination . This is because my motor skills for drawing are not so sharp . Therefore I can only sketch what is in front of me . I can draw anything if it is kept in front of me . So If a pic of Lord Ganesh is there , I can sketch same to same on the paper . However if I practice same sketch several times than I can make it again without seeing it.

The motor skills for drawing varies from person to person . Some can draw with their imagination alone , some can draw only when the object is in front of their eyes , some can draw both ways & some cannot draw either ways . Heredity , Practice & Dedication affects an individual’s ability of drawing & painting. With regards to colouring I am not very comfortable with water or oil based colours but I can colour well with pencils & sketch pens .

to view more sketches visit http://www.moksha-sketches.blogspot.com