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Increasing tax on Short-term capital gains 6

Increasing tax on Short-term capital gains

Finance minister, P. Chidambram, has proposed increase in tax on short-term capital gains from 10% to 15% on sale of shares or units of equity oriented funds.

We have seen heavy profit bookings 0

We have seen heavy profit bookings

We have seen heavy profit bookings in mid and small cap segments. It is feared that more selling can not be over ruled on Monday to gather enough money to take exposure in forthcoming IPO of Reliance Power. This mega

IPO has shown unusual frenzy amongst the people.

One report suggests that India will see huge capital moping will be seen in the primary market in first half of the 2008, amounting to around USD 14000 million. If we look at the week that we had, having lots of news catching

During the week, sensex surged 140 points while Nifty shed 74 points.

Shares 0


Shares….The name itself sound interesting. And I am no exception to all those crazy about share markets.

How many of you have pondered over getting in to the Share market and make some profits, How many of you have really made some profits in a very short time, and How many of You have suffered a huge loss in the Market after getting quite a good profit in the First few transactions and by getting over aggressive….


Its is something I am after, in the last few months.
Myself Being a student have very little investment with only 10,000.
I occasionally make some profits but incur losses as wel…
So this is how my present days r going on. I really need some advices and tips and tricks as well… anyone can help me out….. 🙂