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Science and God 3

Science and God

That’s fantastic! You want to claim that this vast and infinite universe must lie with in the purview of Science! What’s the final authority of science?

Science and happiness 3

Science and happiness

Work groups and the knowledge of generations are all finite. Every thing is countable. Hardly history of 5000 yrs we know. Infinity is beyond counting.

What is Magnetic Seizure Therapy 0

What is Magnetic Seizure Therapy

What is Magnetic Seizure Therapy.
This therapy is used in the treatement of depression.
it is basically a magnetic version of electroconvulsive therapy.the magnetic seizure therapy induces a high frequency curren
t in a small portion of brain untill it sparks a siezure.The magnetic seizure thrapy could
be more effective than other brain stimulation techniques.but in this thrapy
it is requires daily anesthesia and careful medical monitering for a period of
weeks .in the transcranial direct current stimulation,a device drives a small

Why does science keep producing new things? – 3 0

Why does science keep producing new things? – 3

That brings out another point that going beyond Maya, or so to say going beyond nature is not possible for science unless it gets infinite power somehow. Science is not some living entity, which can have intellect of its own. Science is a collection of findings of the intelligent persons over a period of time. If a person wants to make use of those findings, he must accumulate the instruments, which are required to demonstrate the findings.

Why does science keep producing new things? – 2 0

Why does science keep producing new things? – 2

In fact, science has origin in happiness. Therefore, happiness cannot be subject of science. One engages into science just to derive happiness through pacifying curiosity. Unless answers are sought for the reasons behind generation of desires or for the reason behind the very nature of seeking happiness, search cannot be directed to the proper domain. Whatever we observe including genes or atoms is governed by certain laws.

technology 0


technology now a days outstanding especially in india.it is growing day by day and indian rupees gone up internationaly .technology has a made several new things like online shopping,bill payment,credit cards,egovernence etc.