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Sapphire & Diamond rings 2

Sapphire & Diamond rings

Do you want to give something special to your loved ones? Flowers are good idea but they die in few days, giving a diamond ring shows the love towards your near and dear.
History of Diamond and Sapphire:
The diamond is the hardest material well known. If scientifically speaking, it is a clear crystal of tetrahedral bonded carbon atoms. It has semiconductor properties and sparkling dispersion of light.
The sapphire is the symbol of the heavens, truth, good health, and preserver of chastity, is reserved as the birthstone of September. At present corundum of gemstone quality of all colors except red had said to be sapphire. Sapphire’s hardness and density are 9.0 and 3.95-4.03 respectively. The chemical composition contains aluminum oxide and transparent to opaque.