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life is like the seasons. 0

life is like the seasons.

like the scorching sun of the summer
life sometimes grows dull,dry and bitter.
like the torrential monsoon outpour
sorrows make us shed out tear
like the clear autumnal sky and streams
peace and bliss shine in our lives
like the pinching cold of the winter
life becomes unbearably bore.
like the gentle breeze of the spring
life bristles with love that nothing else can bring.


i still remember you. 0

i still remember you.

after that short meeting
in the park where
the red rays of the rising sun
kissed the white flowers
that tossed their heads in the gentle breeze
we have not met since then.
your promised letters and photographs
still remain promises.
but when the dawn sets in
i make my weary way to garden
to look at the flowers covered
with beads of pearl
that reflect your sweet smiling face.