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Did conversion help? 4

Did conversion help?

Many Hindus in India have left their born faith and converted to other faiths. This was prompted by their desire to seek a living which was denied to them because they belonged to lower castes, dalits. They were assured of an improvement in the quality of their life by the people of other faiths. They were also assured equality in the new faith. But all this has not come true. These people are now agitating for reservation claiming that they are still dalits. See the agitation launched by converted Christians and Buddhists.

Bribe on trains 0

Bribe on trains

I was shocked but perhaps it was natural for the TTE. I boarded Azad Hind Express at Jharsuguda for Kolkata on 23 January 2008. My ticked in AC 2 Tier was confirmed. There were three other people. TTE came and checked my ticket. The three people gave their second class sleeper tickets for reserving birth in AC 2 tier. I could gather that they had been permitted by TTE to board the train.

Can define CREAMY-LAYER define that 0

Can define CREAMY-LAYER define that

Hi Friends,

Plz If u can define CREAMY LAYER define that………Bcoz no politician and no intellectual in India is able to do so till now……..

It’s not too hard to. Pretty simple thing. Those who took benefit of reservation to get higher education and then their children doing the same thing. It has to stop after at most two generations. Ones the beneficiary and the next generation gets the benefit and has a healthy salaried jobs the reservation should end there.