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Janda ooncha rahe hamara 3

Janda ooncha rahe hamara

सबको गणतंत्र दिवस की शुभकामनाएं

आइये हम सब तिरंगे के नीचे इकट्ठे हो – एक “भारतीय” बन कर

We are Indians first, then we are Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christian, Buddhist, Jain.

Mrs. Sarojinin Naidu said – ” Under this flag, there is no difference between a prince and a peasant, between the rich and the poor, between man and women. ”

भारत की है शान तिरंगा.
हम सब की है शान तिरंगा.

Celebration Of Republic Day 0

Celebration Of Republic Day

“Happy Republic Day” To everyone.
Tomarrow we will celebrate the 59th Republic Day.as a historical day of
india,it is also would be important for eBlogs.becauze it is last day for memebers (member of eBlog) to access directly.
after Republic Day (26 jan) the eBlog Site not open.I hope everyone member of eBlog have read the mail sending by admin of eBlog Team.so the new member who is joined in 2 or 3 days,he will be shocked that what happend.any way this is the decesion of eBlog team.any way tomarrow we all celebrate the 59th Republic Day with full of joy and love.