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What is Dharma? 1

What is Dharma?

Dharma is a Sanskrit word translated literally as “innate characteristic”. There is no word in any language which expresses Dharma in its totality. Word ‘Religion’ used by people is also not a total equivalent. Now what is the innate characteristic of a human being?

Violence on religion 1

Violence on religion

I am a Hindu and I am proud to belong to a religion which does not ask its followers to work for converting people of other faith to Hindu faith. A person is born in a particular faith. I fully grant the person freedom of changing his or her faith if he or she is not satisfied in born faith. But that should be his or her free will. There should be no exploitation, no instigation or no threat by others. Aurangzeb killed sons of Guru Gobind Singh Ji when they refused to convert to Islam.

Is it Necessary to Create Religion 0

Is it Necessary to Create Religion

The cause of violence in the world other than food and lodging is religion. Thousands of religionists believe that their religion is the only true religion and all the others are false. They are willing to kill and die for their religion but the irony is that their own religion tells them not to kill. How can we prevent religious mania from being the cause of world violence?

If we believe that there is someone who created this universe, we called him God, when he created this beautiful world with so many creatures,he has not created this nasty religions and all this.

Then who are we to create this barrier and hate among religion to religion. If god has created all human being alike two hands, two legs,same nose,ear,blood ,then is it necessary to create religion ?



I’m spiritual person, i have a great faith on god. but sometimes some questions arise in my mind, such as WHO is God? When some one ask us this mysterious question, we would normally say that ,he is the divine origin, he is the creator of this beautiful universe, our friend, guide and every thing…God is one who can not be described in pen & paper or in words. He does not have a human form and as a fact. He certainly may not be a human being who performs supernatural things. Then who is God?

Well in whatever better means we describe him, it would steel be incomplete. Then to this question “Who is God” perhaps the answer would be that god himself knows who he is ,but to his existence no body can question …

“God exists” these words are unshaken.