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Can anybody explain it? 2

Can anybody explain it?

Australian cricketer Symonds has done it again. This time he abused Indian cricketer Ishant Sharma after he dismissed Symonds in Sunday match at SCG. Ishant naturally retaliated.

Tution for teachers 4

Tution for teachers

गुरु गोविन्द दोनों खड़े काके लागूं पायं,

Punishment 0


The boy thought that girl would be impressed and he might succeed in his efforts!..Girl replied.

Gunaah Kiyaa hai
To sajaa bhi Lo
YahaaSe Abhi Dfaa ho jao
Aur Shakal phir kabhi na dikhaao!

So you did the crime.
Take your punishment
Get lost from this place
And never show up again 🙂