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Infactuation between bloggers 2

Infactuation between bloggers

There is a boom of social networking websites on Internet .The newer social networking sites like Yuwie , IBIBO not only helps in building social contacts but also gives other privileges like earning

How you make your spouse angry 3

How you make your spouse angry

He didn’t like the curry & he didn’t like my cake.
He said my biscuits were too hard… not like his mother used to make.
I didn’t prepare the coffee right & he didn’t like the stew.

Learning Disability – Dyslexia 1

Learning Disability – Dyslexia

It is only after “Taare Zamin pe” that people have come to realise that there is some aspect in a few children, called learning disability, despite the fact that researches and reports have been published for almost more than a decade.. How unfortunate, that one has to come to know of such deficiencies through a movie.

Music and Therapy 4

Music and Therapy

Music has a definite impact on the psyche of most humans. The soothing effect it has can never be expressed in as many words, but the results it has, can definitely be felt not only by the person experiencing but also by others interacting.