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Are the Poltiticians practising true secularism? 5

Are the Poltiticians practising true secularism?

India is claimed to be a true secular country. But is it truly secular and is true secularism being practiced by the politicians who are part of the constitution.? The answer is a definite NO.

Is this secularism 1

Is this secularism

Are the so called secular parties and their leaders truly secular. I am narrating below 2 recent happenings and the reactions or otherwise from representatives of the so called secular principles.

Priyaranjan Das Munshi in his recent statement has said that Taslima should bow with folded hands infront of Muslims of India and seek apology for hurting the sentiments of muslims in India. While I agree that one should not hurt the sentiments, do we get the same sort of statements if the hindu sentiments are hurt.