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Chunaav ka mausam 4

Chunaav ka mausam

आखिरी बजट के साथ,
फ़िर आ गया चुनाव का मौसम,
फ़िर नजर आयेंगे नेता,

Forming opinion about others 3

Forming opinion about others

We live in a society. Society is made of people. In our day-to-day life, we meet many people. Some we like. Some we do not like. Some we want to meet again. Some we do not want to meet again.

How Superior You are 0

How Superior You are

How superior one is to other, this myths is always there in each and everyone mind right from the child hood. It is may be in studies, sports, music, or any other activities. This habits grows up as we grow and many a time we find some girls and boys compare themselves superior to other in the matter of love or having numbers of boy or girl friend, even some compare there beauty too.

What the Truth is 1

What the Truth is

Can any one define exactly what the truth is?
Is it what other tells us making us to believe it or what we fell it is correct or right to believe it?

Friends and friendship 0

Friends and friendship

Is it easy to make friend. Is friendship more important then the money?

India and Accidents 0

India and Accidents

It is said that in India nearly 4 lacs people die in accidents by the end of each year.This very bad.And nearly 2 lacs people get injured in accidents.Most of the accidents occured due to rough driving and carelessness by the driver.This ratio of Died people is very high in our country.In India there are 10 crores vehicles and this number is increasing day by day.And roads are not very good comparing to all vehicles.So this also leads to accidents.In Last week only many accidents took place in which nearly 20 people died on the spot and many got injured also.Daily we read or hear in news that

Will you Help out 1

Will you Help out

I was just sitting idle one day after finishing my day work. No newspaper to read and could not put on the TV also as there was no current. Just watching the nature. Suddenly saw two birds flying and chasing after each other. After sometime they came and sat on the plant without knowing their lies or waiting a danger in form of cat. Cat was sitting just below the plant and watching them hiding and ready to catch them.

Make good use of your time 1

Make good use of your time

If you want to make good use of your time, you have got to know most important and then give it all you have got.

Any body knew how to make good use of their time? You people will think about it twice may be because you are utilizing your time for unnecessary thing mostly. But are we really misusing the time? If we are misusing it than what is the correct way to use it properly?

You will never find time for anything 0

You will never find time for anything

You will never find time for anything. If you want time, you must make it.
How far this is true? I am sure every one must have experience about it. Most of the people (we must include our self also in the list) if you ask them if they can accompany them or join for any program, the first answer you will get is “my dear I would have accompanied you but what to say I have no time today”. But is it really true about what we say or answer to the peoples request.