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Peace and Happiness – Meditation 2

Peace and Happiness – Meditation

Meditation by its very definition is controlling of the mind and as a consequence understands the inner self, which could also be termed as consciousness with spiritual intent.




What is peace?
Is it a state of contentment?
Is it an emotion?

Stress and peace 0

Stress and peace

We are constantly under physical and/or mental stress. We all know the reason for this but we fail to take any corrective action. We all have expectations. We expect many things from others. Others expect many things from us. Whenever these expectations are not fulfilled it causes frustration, depression, agony, hated, anger and jealously. All these negative feelings manifest as stress.

if u want peace,prepare for war 1

if u want peace,prepare for war

If any nation earnestly desires for peace,it must prepare for war.All its honest efforts must be directed to promote peace.How can there be peace through war?This statement is a fine example of paradox.But the fact in life is all nations can not appreciate the gospel of peace.They always talk the first opportunity to attack smaller and weaker nations.For brute force cannot be checked and tamed by the noble sermons of peace,but by the might of the arms.Thus the maxim justifies the war of defence and not of offence.If any country think that by maintaining peace ,peace will be established,it is w