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Believe it or not 0

Believe it or not

New year eve for us is a enjoyable night, where we try to enjoy each & every moment. But for our bollywood actress this night is money making night. Don’t believe me? Ok, no problem just go through this post & decide am i right or not.

Let see what bollywood babes charges for a single night performance (New Year)…

Bipasha Basu charged Rs 90 lakhs for a half an hour performance at JW Marriott, Juhu.

While performing for Sahara Star Koena charged Rs 27 lakhs for her 16-minute performance

Happy New Year In Late 0

Happy New Year In Late

Hi Eblogs friends Sorry due to my computer got Crashed i was not able to wish Happy New Year on time.
So i m wishing very late now ‘HAPPY NEW YEAR’ to all here and also to eblogs Team.So friends how was your New Year and specially 31st December?Good na?
And Again Happy New Year.
I hope from everyone Last Wish i have only done.What i do.Today only i came online after making my computer and installing everything again.
Hey Forgot me ??
Ok My name is Amit and here my name is Uwon.
So may i know u also?
And can anyone tell me In Elblogs when Month starts and ends of the earning period?

My new year resolution 0

My new year resolution

Most of my friends make resolutions for new year. I also do it. Last year I made a resolution – “Develop positive attitude towards life and people”. I was able to achieve this to some extent. I will continue with this resolution.

For year 2008 my resolution is – “Bring love back in our lives”. Year 2007 has been an year of increased violence. Hate has won over love. Violence has won over peace. Why it has happened? Slowly love has gone out of lives. Greed has taken its place. It gave birth to hate and hate gave birth to violence.

Happy New year 0

Happy New year

hi friends all friend ..:) A very goodmorning to ya all.:)Let us welcome this first day of this new year 2008..with a bang..:) Wish you all a very happy n prosperous New Year ..:) God bless you all with more n more happiness all thru this year..:)
Again I can say :::::::::::::::
Let us welcome this first day of this new year 2008..with a bang..:)
Wish you all a very happy n prosperous New Year ..:) God bless you all with more n more happiness all thru this year..:)

happy new year 2008 to all eblog members 1

happy new year 2008 to all eblog members

No matter how successful one has been in following the resolutions in previous year, one makes fresh resolutions for the coming year with full determination and will. The starting days of New Year are the most crucial in order to plan for the entire year. These are the days when most of the people sketch a graph for the whole year. To materialize the things thought of is somewhat difficult but still some people manage to do so. New Year resolutions provide a sort of direction to people to lead the coming year.New Year resolution tips are easily available through many sources.

2007…a year to cherish…2007…when…. 0

2007…a year to cherish…2007…when….

2007…..a year to cherish…..

2007 was when………
when we got a job………
when we passed out of college….
when we made new amazing friends…..
when some of us moved to a new city…..
when some of us celebrated our 22nd ( 23rd) birthdays…..

when we waved good bye to our buddies leaving to the states for higher studies…

when some of us fell in love……..
when some of us fell out of love
when some of us got hurt
when some of your ‘friends’ screwed up your love life…
when some ‘one’ you liked, did not like ‘you’….

2007 when
when we would have made mistakes
when we made life decisions…….
when these decisions turned out to be a tragedy
when some of us felt lonely ….

In Advance 0

In Advance

Hi every day In advance my wishing u all
Happy New Year and Merry Chrishtmas.
Happy New Year to eblog team also.
Dekha meri yaari 12 din pehli Baazi mari….