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What is new? 0

What is new?

What is new?
(Every time, when I take a look at you I feel I am seeing you with some new feature. So I try to find out what is exactly new? Somehow end the end it seems difficult pinpoint the novelty. Lord’s love is ever increasing and increased love perceives Lord with more of all virtues! It is like collecting elixir in a pot. Larger the pot, more the joy.)

Every look at you
Bring out something new

New excitement?
New joy?
New happiness?
Yes! what is new?
There is something more to be new!

More excitement?
More joy?
More happiness?
Yes! But not very correct!

New World 0

New World

I have been blogging for the past six month and these days have taught me one thing particularly is that the world of today is smaller than our small town or say a community. Lots of passion flowing, lots of fun blowing, lots of anger mounting and finally you are left in your own self. Stll this virtual reality pleases beyond measure. Another thing what this blogging habit has gifted me is the inspiration for original and creative writing. Look for instance, this site I joined just some minutes back and now I am with my hand on the key board hitting the keys. This seems amazing. and here we keep on switcching from one issue to another and share our views which is another morale booster.