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Nano – New Invention of Tata Motors 0

Nano – New Invention of Tata Motors

I am changing my topics for this podt…

I want to buy the nano. the new creation of tata Motors. Do you have any idea how it will be? In their official website they disclose that it is not too bad, rather comparing to the price the car is a new invention, a charming gift to middle class indians. Evevn the engine which is using in it is quite same as Marurti 800, the most popular car in India.

But I not sure, how it work?
If any guy interested to buy this one as I am?
I am eagerly want to know what you guys think about this car.

The   People’s  Car  Vs  Laymen in Singur 0

The People’s Car Vs Laymen in Singur

The moment or may be exactly before the launch of the new car described as a people’s car the resentment and protest of people hit the news channels . As the proposed project was opposed by common people at Singur as it would rob off their land and permanent means of their livelihood .

Even outside Pragati maidan where the most expected launch of the car was happening Medha patkar and her comrades were vocal about their protest . Back at Singur mass was staging a effigy- burning programme of the much awaited car .