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Bothered by morning sickness?  Think twice, it is beneficial! 1

Bothered by morning sickness? Think twice, it is beneficial!

Morning sickness – the highly irritating nausea and vomiting that afflicts most mothers-to-be during the early months of pregnancy can be beneficial to women in later stages of life as it reduces the risk of breast cancer.
According to latest research carried out in the US women who esperience morning sickness have 30% less chances of getting breast cancer than women who have an entire pregnancy without the morning sickness. Although the axact mechanism is unclear it is good to speculate that higher levels of circulating Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) secreted by the ovarian and placental cells might play a role. This hormone is known to have several activities that have protective properties against cancer cells.

Expecting a Granddaughter 0

Expecting a Granddaughter

Today I’m not reviewing anything but am writing about how happy I feel about expecting my first granddaughter. The baby is due on May the 20th so it’s getting really close to time for her birthday. Our family has a lot of birthdays to celebrate in the month of May. This will be a wonderful addition.

Her name will be Cecilia Marie and she will be called Ceci. Her Daddy is my second oldest son who is a teacher. Her Mom has the same name I do, Susan. This is their first child and it’s my second grandchild. I have a grandson who is eleven.

Grandchildren are so very special. My grandson has been such a wonderful part of my life. I’m expecting my new granddaughter to be like a gift from heaven. It was so much fun planning a baby shower for her and selecting lots of pretty pink items.

I raised three sons and one daughter so am very pleased to be getting another girl in our family. This new little baby girl will be dearly loved by her grandparents, parents, aunt and uncles. I hope she will always feel that love as she is growing up.

I’m very anxious to meet my granddaughter, Cecilia.