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No ethics in politics 5

No ethics in politics

Information & Public Relations Department of Uttar Pradesh Government has inserted a full page advertisement in many newspapers on 74th birthday (15th March 2008) of Shri Kanshi Ram.

What is Ultimate Victory 4

What is Ultimate Victory

Victory is a psychological effect of one who perceives and experiences the euphoria of achieving something. That this ‘something” varies from individual to individual is what one should attempt to understand. Victory could mean several things to several people.

As you sow so shall you reap 0

As you sow so shall you reap

This proverb has great significance in everyday life.It means as the action is so is the result.A good action has a good result and an evil action has a bad result.A result is the natural fruit of man’s action.happiness or misery in life depends upon the deeds of man and neither any accident,nor a mischance is responsible for our troubles.Grapes can not be gathered from thorny bushes.If you sow wheat,what harvest you can expect.It is thus the man who is responsible for his failure.In the golden period of youth if you sow the seeds of idleness,bad habits,you will reap nothing,but misery,hard

Old order changeth yielding place to new 0

Old order changeth yielding place to new

Nothing in life is steady and stable.Change is the law of progress.The history of human kind is the history of change and advancement.Look to the distant past.The old institutions in our social,political,economic and religious life are no more.Like the phoenix,new institutions rise up from the ashes of the old ones.Life is ever changing.Knowledge increases ideas.Old ideas are broadened and the vision of life is widened.To meet the growing need of life,new institutions must spring up.Whatever outlives its utility is dead.The new institutions must spring up.Whatever outlives its utility is dead.

Crabs and Politicians 0

Crabs and Politicians

Two politicians were walking by the sea shore in the morning. They saw some children catching crabs, putting them in inside a basket.

One of the politicians approached the boys and asked “Why don’t you cover the basket? What if some crabs climb out?”

One of the boys replied “Don’t worry sir, these crabs are like politicians .When one tries to climb up, the others will pull it down.”

So let us go higher by our own efforts, not by pulling others down.

Lessons in management 1

Lessons in management

I have read a management joke some time back and am not sure if it is on the public domains. Nevertheless I decided to blog it here with the hope that some of you might not have read it or heard about it.

A raven was flying south to avoid the winter. On the way the bird was so tired that it fell down to the ground on the snow and lay there freezing. Soon a passing cow happened to dump some dung on the bird. Now the dung actually began to keep the little bird warm and the bird started to sing in joy.

A little while later a cat that was psssing by heard the sound, explored in the dung and dug out the bird. Promptly the cat ate the bird and left contented.

What’s the moral of this story?
1. Not everyone who shits on you is your enemy.