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Disadvantages of Mobile By Uwon 0

Disadvantages of Mobile By Uwon

Mobile which is having many advantages has also some disadvantages in our life.With the invention of mobile,people forget to write letters to their relatives.People calls directly or send sms and igno

Another Mobile Information by Uwon 1

Another Mobile Information by Uwon

Mobile becomes very useful when a person is in some kind of danger and he calls other person and came out from it.So in this situation mobile is proved to be ‘Life Saving Instrument’ to that person.So

Mobile Lifes By Uwon 1

Mobile Lifes By Uwon

Through Mobile,a person can contact other person anywhere in his country or worldwide.It depends on the service of the simcard.Mobile is a part of the business.Business used Mobiles to do their busine

Life with Mobiles By Uwon 2

Life with Mobiles By Uwon

Mobile is a intrument through which a person can be in contact with his family no matter where he is.In Todays life mobile has taken a very important position.A person can talk to with any person from

Mobiles are my best friend 0

Mobiles are my best friend

Mobile is my best friends, nowadays ppl cannot forget eating or sleeping but no one forgets to take their best friend along with them. That is their mobile. Even your best friend tend to leave you lonely sometime but when you have mobile, you are never alone. What not you can do with mobile, you can communicate with your friends, hear music, take snaps and videos. Now you can even go online from your mobile. That day



nokia ‘s latest offering is clearly the cream of N series, with 8 gb internal memory, 2.4 ” QVGA display, deicated keys to control entertainment features , a well spaced keypad and slided smoothly.with dedicated charger/usb/headphone ports, it integrates bluetooth 2.0, wi-fi and email support ( push, smtp, pop3),battery life is decent ( talk time 4 hours, standby 16days) , it also helps realplayer which supports av formats , however 2-meg camera leaves a lot to be desired, theimage resolution and video quality are better than teh best
price- 26,249
HOT verdict- it’s hip but just falls short of the hype!!!