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The Laxmi Magic 0

The Laxmi Magic

One of the most touching and magical moments I ever saw on The TV was when Laxmi, nestled in her dad’s arms,blinked innocently at the media glare.
Laxmi, the conjoined twin was born with 90% formed {but headless} sister-the parasitic twin-attached to her hip bone. Seperating her from the parasitic twin meant thatthe nerves includig the spinal cord,blood vessels and other shared organs had to be systematically cut with minimum damage to Laxmi’s own internal parts.
While the surgeon’s effors win kudos, the real hero was Laxmi herself for having come out it ‘unscathed’.Firstly, 27 hour operation meant that the child had to with-stand long hours of anaesthesia. And her body had to bear extensive cuttins,tearing and sawing.