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Life is new but mind is old. Mind keeps a track of the past and helps in evaluating the accumulated experiences, knowledge and everything.

Pranayama 1


Pranayama is training in proper breathing. It can lead us into Meditation to heal our mind, body and spirit. Pranayama is made of ‘Prana’ and ‘Ayama’. Prana means vital force of energy. And Ayama is the storing and distribution – regulation of energy. There is an intimate connection between body and mind. Breathing is a vital tool to control the mind and thinking pattern.

Heart over Mind – Change the world for better 5

Heart over Mind – Change the world for better

The recent events of kidney sale racket has taken, most of the time space in all the media channels. But then this has been going on for several decades and each time such issues crop up, enough time is spent on the issue per-say, without looking into the modalities of avoiding recurrences of such inhuman acts.

Human Mind and the Sea 0

Human Mind and the Sea

As I watched the sea on several occasions, I wondered how it revealed its emotions and was caught in a very intriguing comparison with the mind.

The sea can be compared to the human mind. Just like the various states of mind, the sea also has its days when it is turbulent while there are times when it is extremely calm and tranquil.

Two aspects of working of a mind -1 4

Two aspects of working of a mind -1

Little Big!

The little thought of loving God is the biggest thought that one can think of.

There are two aspects of working of a mind.

1. To account for some thing that was done in past. This comes to you in the form of presentation of sufferings, happiness, opportunities, threats etc.

2. To effect a change in the mind so that it thinks in a certain way in future.

mind 0


Busy mind

Busy mind
In your thoughts
Where is place
For sound sleep?
Eyes wait open
For your sight
Where is scope
To shut and rest?
The restlessness
Being without you
The only rest
Is being with you!

After seeing you

There is a Hindi song..

Tum ko dekha to ye khayal Aaya

Jindagi Dhoop tum Ghana Saya!

After seeing you I felt

The world is scorching sun

And you a soothing shadow!

The whole issue

Life ““ The Hardware & Software 3

Life ““ The Hardware & Software

Life – The Hardware & Software

Life can be equated to a combination of Hardware and Software. Your body is the hardware and your mind the software. Just as we have different forms of Hardware with varying capacities and capabilities starting from the main frame computers to PC’s, the human being are also in different forms shapes sizes and capabilities. The tall & short, Fat and lean, able bodied and the differently abled. Every one is capable of performing, provided they understand themselves.

Learn it from Children 0

Learn it from Children

Whatever the activities children do they always enjoys it. If you observe them they laugh on each and every activity they perform whether they are alone or with the parent or with other children. Really you too will enjoy their activities and will feel little relaxed forgetting if any tension mounts on your head. The children involvement in whatever they do is total from their heart not considering or thinking what other will thing about it.