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Years ago, as a PG student, I was assigned to work on a dissertation titled ‘Duodenal Mucosal Study in Malabsorption Syndrome’. The study entailed taking the intestinal biopsy using a tool called ‘Crosby Capsule’.

Medical Jokes 0

Medical Jokes

1. Three surgeons were at a surgical conference. At the end of the day’s session they met at the cocktail dinner and were discussing their profession and patients. Finally the topic came around to who would they love to operate upon.

Surgeon#1: I love to operate on Electricians. Everything is color-coded once you open them up.
Surgeon#2: I love to operate on accountants. Once you open them up, every body part is serially numbered and stored.
Surgeon#3: I love to operate on lawyers. They are very easy to operate upon as they are spineless, gutless, heartless and what’s more their head and bottoms are interchangeable!!