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Dancing with your Family 3

Dancing with your Family

I know seeing One Big Family is very rare these days and nowadays it is hard to see a family live life together. Because in each house someone or other would have settled in Aboard.

Infactuation between bloggers 2

Infactuation between bloggers

There is a boom of social networking websites on Internet .The newer social networking sites like Yuwie , IBIBO not only helps in building social contacts but also gives other privileges like earning

True Love By UWON 4

True Love By UWON

True Love is very hard to find these days.It is very difficult to find True Love between two person in this generation.And this is because there is no trust between two.If someone is in True Love and

Love : The Most Fashionable Commodity 4

Love : The Most Fashionable Commodity

Love , a feeling that only those luckier ones can experience as the great souls would say . but love , now has become a commodity , anyone can fall in love . It is more a fashion .

Prem, Pyaar, Love, Mohabbat 0

Prem, Pyaar, Love, Mohabbat

प्रेम, प्यार, लव, मोहब्बत
क्या है मतलब इन शब्दों का?

प्रेम रूप है एक ईश्वर का