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Lead India 2

Lead India

I am sure everyone knows what LEAD INDIA is all about. It is a good idea for a leading newspaper company like ‘Times of India’ to initiate such a contest to choose a leader for Indian politics. But what my question goes with this is, “Can the person who wins really be as honest as we expect out of this contest”?

Tum Chalo to Saara HINDUSTAN CHAALE 0


Have You Seen the recent Advertise, which is rather a motivational Song For all the Indians.

The Starting is Well picturised as a cloudy day, symbolising sadness and the Drowning condition of the politians of India. They are just in the Idea of getting rid of all the problems for themselves and to be in the safe Side, never doing anything for the common people.

The Add depicts a Child with least of physical Strength but with an ocean of courage, who alone tries to remove wooden blog, rather a fallen tree from the ground the Road. The tree was blocking the Entire traffic.

This motivated all the people out there. And one by one he was accompanied by a loads of people, Strong enough and thus the road was cleared with ease, removing the traffic.