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Double Income Single Child Phenomenon 0

Double Income Single Child Phenomenon

Double income Single Kid is the new urban phenomenon . Husband and wife earn a six digit salary and take their own time to settle in life . Settle usually means a house , a four-wheeler , heavy balance at bank , and before taking the plunge to parenthood one or two luxury trip to abroad .



Greed takes away everything!

Greed is desire for more things
Than are required for our needs.
When it reaches the endless desire
It takes away all the pleasures of life!!!!!!!

Greed is enemy of happiness.
It spoils everything!!!!!
Man is destroyed by greed.
It leads to long and weary fights
And makes enemies
Greed is good but only to a certain extent

Greed takes away the happiness of ones life
Limiting greed gives happiness to all
Desire a thing which should satisfy your need not lust
Greed leads to lying, cheating, corruption, violence, terror and wars.

Kids are Not So Innocent 0

Kids are Not So Innocent

I wonder how a child can manipulate elders . With the softness of their voice , cute expressions and naughty but nice smiles they win hearts and easily get their jobs done!

The impact of divorce on kids 0

The impact of divorce on kids

The family is the building block of our society. It is the place where everyone begins life and to which they always belong. The more that members of a family belong to each other, the more each individual and each family thrive. When rejection occurs in the family, especially between the parents when they separate or divorce, or even when they never come together, the entire family and especially the children, suffers.