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Kidney Market (Shoking) 1

Kidney Market (Shoking)

One News which is shocking.The news is that in India Kidney operation is done illegally on a very large basis.There are 2-3 doctors from Mumbai,Chennai and Delhi who do this Illegal wok and makes Lacs of rupees from one operation.They target poor persons to sell their kidney to them and tell them that they will give 1-2 lacs rupees to them.But finally when their Kidney is taken they give them only 50-75 thousands Rupees.And make them fear that if they will tell police they will kill them.These doctors are having their network in whole country.Recently one doctor named Dr.Upendra Gupta was caug

Creating stem cells – The Holy Grail of medicine! 0

Creating stem cells – The Holy Grail of medicine!

Few people would have dreamt that medicine can advance so far as to create human hearts or kidneys in the laboratories. Scientific research has progressed so fast that scientists can now create stem cells from mature body cells.
Stem cells are what we call as pluripotent cells i.e capable of developing into any adult cell that they are programmed to become! Scientists have managed to turn the clock back on skin cells to turn them into stem cells and these can be mutated to form adult organs and tissues.